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Bespoke T-shirts & Polos

When it comes to a bespoke design, the possibilities are endless.

We take great pride in crafting unique and personalized t-shirts and polos tailored to your specifications. With a minimum order quantity of 300 pieces, we ensure that every garment is made to the highest standards of quality and design. Let’s get creative and elevate your wardrobe with our bespoke apparel!


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We’re able to create a wide variety of customizations – here are just a few examples.

Our customers love these customizations the most – take a look and see why.

We’re here to guide you, every step of the way.

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Cut and Sew 

When using more than one colour in the body, we can customize any shape of panel to create a garment using multiple types of fabric.  (Plain, striped or printed).  The panels can be stitched vertically, horizontally, diagonally or to any shape, depending on the final design of the T and Polo shirt.

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Customizable buttons 

We can imprint your logo onto the buttons, subject to an MOQ of 10,000 buttons.

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Tipping on Collars and Cuffs

Your collar and cuff will be knitted specifically with the number and thickness of stripe/s that you require.  We can offer over 100 colours for the stripes.

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Jacquard Collar

Your imagination is the only limitation to what we can do.  Jacquard Collar designs can come in any colour, or design, including text or image.  Jacquard design can be created on both sides of the collar. 

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Collar options

Knitted Collar option (with or without tipping), or self fabric collar (using the body fabric)

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Closed or Open

Button or Zip Fastening, or open collar. 2, 3 or 4 buttons, Zip, or open collar – it’s your choice!

Tailor-made T-shirts & Polos

Cuff options

Hemmed cuffs, or Cuff with Ribbing. 

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Woven fabric collar line

We can use knitted or woven fabric for the collar to create your outstanding look.

Screenshot 2022-06-23 at 07.50.12

Contrast Plackett 

Alternative colour fabric can be used for the plackett, to create something more unique

Tailor-made T-shirts & Polos

Contrast thread stitching

You can use contrasting threads on any part of the poloshirt or T, as well as in the button stitching.  We can also use contrast button hole thread, to make the button hole stand out. 

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We ended up placing an order for 18,000 high-quality t's, caps, hoodies, and face masks. Betfirst - Daphne Bal - Head of Marketing (Belgium)


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